Warning: Empowering Valentine’s Content

Warning: Empowering Valentine’s Content

Happy Valentine’s day. Whether you love or loathe it, we hope you’re spending this week full of pancakes and fuzzy feelings.

To celebrate love in all it’s earthly and less tenuous forms today, we thought we’d go back through our archive and celebrate some of the amazing women we’ve been working with over the years.

That includes you dear reader. We love you all. Thanks for choosing makers and clothes with love.

We’re reading

Everything I Know About Love
Dolly Alderton’s accounts of messy nights, female friendships and early adulthood is next up on our reading lists. After hearing her speak on the theme of friendships as the highest form of true love last year, we’re on board with her priorities.

Eat Up
Food is something you should love. And there’s not many better versed on the subject than wonderful Ruby Tandoh. Read her book or Women Cook For Me here.

How to Be Single
For anyone who’s ever spent Valentine’s day ‘single’, here’s a heartwarming, honest, wholesome account from 100 other people over on Manrepeller. Including this beautifully spot on quote to keep by your mental bedside: “I think the willful compromise that comes about from relationships is tender and necessary. I just don’t feel the need to engage with that now.”

A Compendium of Heartbreak
If, like me a couple of years back, dear reader, you have to felt the pain of a long relationship coming to an abrupt halt the week before Valentine’s, this may be the ticket you need. Things that also helped me: beautiful strangers giving me palm and tarot readers, crying and sleeping on friend’s sofas, buying easter eggs whenever you feel like it, Kelis Caught Out There on repeat…etc.

Here’s to great women, may we know them and be them

Anu & Liz, 2016.

We turned up at Anu’s flat a couple of years ago and her and Liz had been having a pizza sleepover with their pals. We stuck them in some jumpers and caught these tender moments.

Anu is an amazing DJ, illustrator and writer. She’s done sets for Resident Avisor, Boiler Room, and has her own radio show on NTS

Liz does ace stick and poke tattoos down in Peckham

Sophie Davidson is a dear friend. I used to look at her photographs lovingly in magazines, on Tumblr, and in zines ordered from afar. Imagine my surprise when I met her at a house party when I visiting London five years ago. She was really into feminism and feeding. We hit it off. She still takes most of our photos to this day. Check her newsletter out (featured above) if you’re not already.

Sophie wears the soon to be Reissued Mel Slip dress. Arriving in April. Pre-order via email.

We don’t have favourites amongst our makers (honest, we love you all), but if we did have to rate our makers on culinary bribery then Mohila would win by far. Not only do they have the best banter, Roksana, Shak Lema, Shemima and Sheerina make the best balti curry and egg bhuna you will ever taste. Just as well catering is their side hustle. Thanks for all the t-shirts gals.

Mohila make all our hand-painted goods.

Aisling Bea is our favourite ever comedian. Not only does she manage to get her jokes bang on the money, but she has pretty fabulous dress sense too. She puts passion into everything she does, whether that’s out getting lols, writing about mental health, or speaking about feminism, she’s a gal after our own hearts. Read our interview with Aisling from last year.

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