Three cheers to three years of Birdsong

Three cheers to three years of Birdsong

We’re turning three. That’s 28 dog years, around 39 moon orbits, or the time it takes one pineapple to mature.We’ve also made £40,000 for women’s organisations around the world, but most of our impact is here in London.

Since 2014, we’ve made it our mission to make fashion better for women – from worker to wearer. Thanks for making it possible. To celebrate how far we’ve come, we go back to the origin story and reminisce about some of our favourite moments so far.

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How we started

Back in 2014, Sarah worked at an elderly day centre, and noticed the granny’s knitting circle there made a megatonne of scarves. They had knitted stuff coming out of their ears. The knitting is calming, meditative, helps with arthritis and helped the women there, like Edna, feel purposeful.  But after learning they were shifting them at bring-and-buy sales for a fiver a pop, she thought of a better idea.

At the same time, Sophie was working for women’s charities, but every group she met saw their funding get cut to shreds. During this time she saw some domestic violence services shutting down after decades of supporting women. They often had mad good crafting skills but weren’t sure of the best way to turn it into cash.

She had just finished working in an “ethical” fashion shop that sexualised their staff and models, and had a beyond creepy CEO. She’d also been a model for a while, but went off it after being made to feel her bum was too big, amongst other things. She quit, moved to London and met Sarah.

Sarah and Sophie started selling things for the charities online, using their friends and activists as models. They blogged about feminism, decided their models didn’t need airbrushing, and came up with a catchy slogan for what they do. They got a bunch of grants, customers came flocking, and Edna was even featured on the BBC. Now they’ve sold in 18 different countries, been featured in press across four continents, and raised a successful crowdfunding campaign. They’ve grown enough to hire production manager and head designer Susanna, who joined the Birdsong flock in March 2017.

Find out more about the team here

We’ve come a long way.

Susanna – Head of Design. Sarah – Co-founder. Sophie – Co-Founder. Claudia – Marketing Assistant. Sophie D – Supplier Manager.

Sophie Slater

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