Our team

Sarah and Sophie met in 2014, and started selling things made by women at the charities they worked with online. They used their friends and activists as models, decided that they didn’t need airbrushing, blogged about feminism, and and came up with a catchy slogan for what they do.

They got a bunch of grants, customers came flocking, and head knitter Edna was even featured on the BBC. Now they’ve sold in 18 different countries, been featured in press across four continents, and raised a successful crowdfunding campaign. They’ve grown enough to hire production manager and head designer Susanna, who recently joined the Birdsong flock.


Our knitwear is made in practised hands at the Bradbury Centre in Kingston, and the Knit & Natter group in Enfield. Both groups donate revenue from their knitting to worthy causes.

For Knit & Natter, the elderly women choose a charity of their choice each month. This gives them a sense of purpose and wellbeing, aside from the meditative qualities of working with wool.

The Bradbury donate their revenue back to their day centre, paying for refurbishments and little luxuries to make their fellow pensioners lives better. Edna and her friends have raised enough money from Birdsong sales to renovate their summer house, therapy room and kitchen.

Hand-Painted Prints

Our organic sweatshirts and tees are hand-painted in detail by women at Mohila Creations. Mohila are a group of low income migrant mothers based in Tower Hamlets, London.

Roksana and the gang practise their fine painting for Birdsong while their children attend the local school. They are paid a living wage for the work they do for us.


Our skilled seamstresses hand cut, sew and finish most of our garments for a living wage at their workshop on Brick Lane, managed by Anjum. Heba was established by a group of migrant women over 25 years ago, and are our primary makers of clothing. They continue to provide a safe space for migrant and refugee women today.

We’re getting ready to work with at least four more women’s charities in the UK. If you’re a group that think you’d like to work with us, get in touch at