Positive Activism: Spotlight on Leah Abraham

Positive Activism: Spotlight on Leah Abraham

For our fourth birthday pop up shop with Beyond Retro, we’re hosting a series of events including our Positive Activism Panel Discussion on Thursday 6th September. Money from each £5 ticket goes to funding a new screen printer for local women we work with, and each guest gets a £5 voucher back to spend with us. Don’t miss out! Tickets on sale here.

From period poverty, to representation of women of colour, protecting trans lives and opening up the conversation around mental health, meet the women at the forefront of today’s breed of creative, positive activism. Today we’re shining the spotlight on speaker Leah Abraham.

I’m Leah. I’m a model (at Nii agency), writer and an activist in training. I am currently working on nur-ture ME –  a platform to provide the groundwork for nurturing sensitive women of colour.

I have always been emotionally attuned to the world, I experience things mostly through emotions. So often, London can feel cold, apathetic, and incredibly overstimulating. I found the need to retreat back, inwards. Find comfort, affirmation and create healing spaces elsewhere.

With nur-ture ME, the intention is to provide an interactive URL retreat for sensitive sensibilities.The platform aims to also hold up the process of self-work through multiple forms. She is still a baby in development, she just started wriggling.

I’m looking forward to speaking about nur-ture ME, with an interactive audience. My goal is to create a sturdy network of women with softer feelings, who have connected with their inner world. I think it’s vital to embrace empathy and feelings as a creative; to sit, with them, plough through, process and work with them. I like to it call our emotional complex world “pulp”, the intricate feelings/sensibilities that we live, breathe, eat, and sleep with). It’s rad to be given this platform by Birdsong, especially such an early stage of the creative cycle. Humbling.

The main thing I care about and am invested in, is the complexities of sensitive black womanhood & her creativity. Grasping your experiences, translating your emotional vulnerabilities into artform, means you can better understand the complexities. Its especially important for women of colour.

Society deems that black/brown women are strong, angry, resilient and hardened. We don’t have sensibilities, and we don’t/can’t cry. I hope that nur-ture ME can ripple into raising awareness for women from older generations like my mother’s. For Caribbean/African women, coming to terms with their mental health is taboo. But the first steps begin at acceptance. Nur-ture ME is about looking forward, using our vulnerabilities to reap deeper understanding, create authentically, connect and nurture each other in a sisterly manner.

I cry all the time, I see it as a release/reset. Being able to move forward.

I think buying vintage is at the forefront of better fashion. Repairing clothes when they need fixing. Also I’m pretty into the concept that you have one astoundingly fly dress, and not 15. I love charity shops, Beyond Retro is one of my favourite vintage shops though.

I try not to wear to many different things. If I’m in the weekday, I’m pretty down to run around in Yoga pants. No shame. I like to re-use outfits, even out of the to-wash pile (maybe a little gross, really depends on the situation haha). I’m not one for the full black, more so full denim.

Follow @leelee.abraham on Instagram, or check out Nurture ME on nurturemepleasejournal.tumblr.com

Get tickets to our panel discussion on Thursday 6th September here.

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