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Made-to-order, what is it?

Made for Joy.

Welcome to the most joyful way to shop. Clothing designed and lovingly handcrafted to order by our makers. Delivered with care. Worn by you again and again, and again. Making fashion work for us and the planet.

Because for us, every second of the journey matters. The moment you see a pattern that’s perfect for you. The excitement of knowing who’s making it, where, and how. The craft that goes into each stitch. The delight when it arrives at your door. A label signed by the person who made it in your hand. And that feeling of joy with every wear.

How it works.

Every few weeks we release a new, limited-edition product. It’s available to pre-order and personalise all month: you choose the colours, details and measurements. Then our skilled workers bring it to life, right here in London. You’re updated every step of the way, so you can follow its story before it lands on your doorstep with a label signed by the maker. Ready for you wear it and love it.

Why do we do it?

Made-to-order makes shopping better for everyone. You get a one-of-a-kind  piece that’s all yours. Our skilled makers work in the best conditions – no unrealistic pressure, total control of their craft. And there’s no waste, so we’re doing the best by the planet we can. We make with joy so you can wear with joy.

Limited edition drops.

Buy from our limied edition drops and you become the owner of a unique, handmade piece. Your colours, your details, your measurements. No waste or unsustainable turnarounds. Just stunning, artisan pieces created by our brilliant makers. A piece that’s truly unique, made just for you. 

You’ll also find our permanent collection here too. With everything you need to fill your wardrobe with joy, day in and out. And watch out for slogan tee drops and artist collaborations. Lovingly made. Joyful to wear and own.


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