We're simplifying how we do things.⁠ ⁠ Every month we'll be releasing one classic product, made in the best possible materials, in the most ethical, socially-impactful and skilled way, here in London.⁠ ⁠

This April we're re-releasing our SS20 bestseller for one month only. A buttery soft wrap dress with puff sleeves, in our white-on-green floral motif.

Our print features original ink drawings of calendula, honeysuckle, and caraway plants used in spells to bring luck, happiness and protection. We're only going to make 100 max units of this garment, and when we sell out, or it gets to May, we'll end orders.

Each new product will available on pre-order for one month only.  This is your only chance to own that design. ⁠ Love our bestelling Emerald Print Dress? We're bringing it back, for April only.
Then our team will get making it. Our talented seamstresses work with only the best most environmentally sound fabrics we find for them.

We'll keep you more up to date, with emails every step of the way, from when the fabric is delivered, to when our seamstresses start cutting and sewing in their East London workshop, and when your new dress hits the warehouse.
Because we can order the exact right amount of fabrics this way, even less is wasted. Pre-ordering means we only make what's going to be loved, and helps us to stay financially afloat, independent, and producing in 14 different sizes. All of the things you said you loved about us :) 
Everything is made in a few miles radius, here in East London. This means we can manufacture in the most sustainable way possible.
Got any questions? Get in touch with our support team on support@birdsong.london