Birdsong: Non-Executive Director and Chair is a cult fashion brand and award-winning social enterprise. Our team believes that women have always found creative ways to make a statement with what they wear. From the berets of the black panthers in the Sixties to the quiet resolution to only wear clothes made in the UK, fashion is an important ally for change. 

For independently-minded women who want their clothing to make a statement about their values, we deliver original wardrobe staples that are ethical and sustainable, made by expert women makers in the UK. From migrant seamstresses, to older knitters, Birdsong’s social mission is at its core. All our makers are paid above living wages for the work they do, and we cast friends and activists as our models. 

Since launching in 2015 we’ve built up a network of talented makers in London as well as a large following of loyal supporters. Birdsong has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, i-D, The Guardian, BBC News and more. We have an engaged audience of 70,000 across social media and email subscribers. We’re a committed and dynamic team with a responsive support network around us. We care deeply about supporting marginalised women in London, creating beautiful clothing and staying ahead of the sustainability curve.


Role title Non Executive Director and Chair

Appointed by Current Board in accordance with their Memorandum and Articles of Association

Location Board meetings usually take place at 232 Shoreditch High Street, from 4:15 pm on a quarterly basis, but access via Video link is possible.

Remuneration At the current moment, we’d expect Board Members to be engaged on a voluntary basis, with the potential to receive equity and remuneration based on company performance.

Expenses All reasonable expenses will be reimbursed.

Time commitment Whilst we would estimate a time commitment of around 4 days per annum is required there is no fixed time commitment for the role. This would include Board Meetings and representing Birdsong at various events and meetings with key stakeholders.

Term Two year term, subject to review, with no exclusion from being re-elected.

Probation There will be a three month probationary period where the appointment will be reviewed by a panel drawn from the Board.

How to apply To apply please send the following:

  • Your CV
  • A letter containing a brief personal statement (no more than 1 side of A4) detailing why you are interested in the position and what you feel you can bring to the role to Susanna Wen at

Deadline All applications must be received by 30/04/2022

Applications will be reviewed by the Board on 27/05/2022

Role Purpose: 

  • To chair our board meetings. This will involve: determining the order of the agenda; ensuring that the board receives accurate, timely and clear information; keeping track of the contribution of individual directors and ensuring that they are all involved in discussions and decision-making. 
  • At all meetings the Chair should direct discussions towards the emergence of a consensus view and sum up discussions so that everyone understands what has been agreed.
  • To help in determining the composition and structure of the board. This will involve regular reviews of the overall size of the board, and the balance of the directors, taking into account an intersectional, holistic view of board representation and Birdsong’s values.
  • In addition we are currently seeking people with experience in facilitation, a knowledge of social enterprise or charity models, or ideally retail and ecommerce.


  • To provide leadership to the board.
  • To help take responsibility for the board’s composition and development.
  • To ensure proper information for the board.
  • To plan and conduct board meetings effectively.
  • To get all directors involved in the board’s work.
  • To ensure the board focuses on its key tasks.
  • To support the founding team, and to monitor their performance and hold them to account.
  • To safeguard the reputation and values of Birdsong.
  • To assist with the financial stability of the company.