Birdsong: Non-Executive Director and Chair is a cult fashion brand and award-winning social enterprise. Our team believes that women have always found creative ways to make a statement with what they wear. From the berets of the black panthers in the Sixties to the quiet resolution to only wear clothes made in the UK, fashion is an important ally for change. 
For independently-minded women who want their clothing to make a statement about their values, we deliver original wardrobe staples that are ethical and sustainable, made by expert women makers in the UK. From migrant seamstresses, to older knitters, Birdsong’s social mission is at its core. All our makers are paid above living wages for the work they do, and we cast friends and activists as our models. 
Since launching in 2015 we’ve built up a network of talented makers in London as well as a large following of loyal supporters. Birdsong has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, i-D, The Guardian, BBC News and more. We have an engaged audience of 70,000 across social media and email subscribers. We’re a committed and dynamic team with a responsive support network around us. We care deeply about supporting marginalised women in London, creating beautiful clothing and staying ahead of the sustainability curve.
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