Photo by Liz Seabrook for Oh Comely Magazine

Our founders, Sophie and Sarah, started Birdsong in 2014, inspired by the great skill and creativity in women’s community groups, but frustrated by their financial insecurity in the context of budget cuts and rising rents. With the fashion industry addicted to Photoshop, and wholesale exploitation of millions of female garment workers worldwide, an ethical fashion brand championing women from worker to wearer was born. 

Starting with just a couple of grants in the bank, and the experience of the Year Here programme for social entrepreneurs, Birdsong has to date channelled over £100,000 into women’s organisations in London, whether funding retirement day centre improvements in Kingston, or sewing classes in Bow.

With Head of Design Susanna joining in 2016, the team’s on a renewed mission to create beautiful, sustainable clothes that empower the wearer, the worker, and the community that binds us together.

"We see it as our job as a smaller, braver brand to create an alternative industry. Using natural, sustainable fibres and respectful labour practices, strengthens not only our connection to one another, but to the Earth." 

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