The deal with Black Friday.

This weekend, from Friday through until Tuesday, we will be offering discounts of 20%, 30% and 40% off selected t-shirts and all sewn in London ranges, and you can choose your discount. 

Now we’ve got your attention...we’ll be super transparent with you. We hate Black Friday. We refuse to do it every year because we feel like it devalues the hard work and thought that goes into each and every garment put on planet earth. And ours cost way more than the high street because we pay a London Living Wage. 

But we’ll level with you. We have a bit of stock left in our inventory, and we want to transition to a pre-ordered, zero waste system. We also want as many people as possible wearing birdsong, spreading the word about making fashion differently. So we’re offering a choice of discounts. All you have to do is read through our infographics, sign the pledge, and choose your code. 

The more money we make, the more local, low income womxn we can employ, train or work with.

Lots of love, 

Sophie & Susanna, Birdsong HQ.


40% off our Blueprint collection, and selected tees with code 'LIVINGWAGES'