Designer & Product Manager – part-time position (2-3 days per week).


An exciting opportunity to join our team of three in a growing and forward-thinking start-up. As production manager you will be working closely with our diverse range of maker groups from elderly knitters to migrant seamstresses. You will lead the production of our own brand range from concept to finished product and play a vital role in the growth of the company. Our current range encompasses knitwear, tailoring, jewellery making and hand printing with plans to expand into lingerie, swimwear and embroidery.


Key responsibilities:

  • Lead trend research and design briefs, conducting market research with Birdsong customers.
  • Assume the role of lead designer on at least one of our core strands, ideally tailoring or knitwear.
  • Manage design process from concept to finished product including managing freelance designers, garment technicians, graders and production within the women’s organisations we work with.
  • Create range plans and consult with team to produce detailed product costings with appropriate profit margins.
  • Have a good working and technical knowledge of garment production, and ideally be able to create samples for in house testing.
  • Organize and materials, marketing and packaging supplies within all of our supplier groups.
  • Engage and build solid working relationships with all of our 5 current UK based women’s groups, and visit others around the country in future.
  • Liaise with designers and women’s groups, relaying complex information back to groups in an easily understandable manner.
  • Assist in impact measurement through developing clear communication and feedback with suppliers.


The ideal candidate will:

  • Be personable and have excellent social skills.
  • Be able relate and communicate with a diverse range of women from many different social groups, abilities and background.
  • Be self-driven, motivated and able to take initiative in leading projects.
  • Be able to work and fit into a very small, dynamic team of three.
  • Be able to adapt in a fast paced start-up environment.
  • Be passionate about women’s rights, body positivity and ethical fashion.
  • Have at least two years’ relevant commercial experience.
  • Be able to work on a part time basis


This role will be reporting directly to our CEO. Please send CVs to by 27th January 2017.

Interviews will be held in early February. Ideal start date February to March.

Birdsong Website Project – Request for Proposals




We are looking for a web developer to work with us on a project to improve our website and e-commerce platform with the aim of increasing our sale conversion rate. As an online retailer, our website is our #1 asset, our shopfront and first point of contact with customers.


Scope and specification of the project



The project should accomplish the following things:


  • Make the website fully responsive to mobile platforms. Roughly half of our visitors are on mobile devices and currently the website does not render well on small screens
  • The website must match our design aspirations – being image led and easy to read (no more than 5-6 words per line)
  • The website must be comparative to best in class e-commerce websites (for example –,,,
  • Significantly reduce page load times from current highs
  • Improve the SEO of the site
  • Provide easy navigation, both on desktop and mobile, for customers to browse products and make a purchase in a logical, clean and efficient way
  • Allow the Birdsong team to update and maintain the website with new content after the life of the project in an attractive format
  • Clearly display our key messages and communicate the company’s vision through the website
  • Improve layout and functionality of forms on the website
  • Provide a clean uniform design for ‘The Nest’ blog on the site
  • Product images to display correctly and in a useful manner and product pages optimised for displaying products in their best light
  • Automate order emails through Woocommerce to our network of suppliers for speedy fulfilment and reducing the amount of manual intervention from Birdsong staff


We also have some other aspirations for the site – for example, the functionality to calculate at the basket how much of the revenue will go to women’s groups. However, due to the short deadline we welcome the opportunity to discuss the full scope of the project. A further project in the future to add additional functionality would be considered. The project must get the basics right first – building a foundation for the company to grow.


Birdsong currently uses WordPress (Stockholm theme), WooCommerce and Stitch Labs.


Case Studies


Please provide case studies of similar projects you have completed in the past.




No budget is currently set for this work. However, value for money will be one of the main criteria for selection.


Tender Criteria


  1. Previous experience / Project vision (50%)
  2. Value for money (30%)
  3. Understanding of project and company mission (20%)




Proposals should be submitted by COP Tuesday 31 January 2017.


We expect to award the contract to the successful application on Tuesday 7 February 2017.


The successful party should be able to start work on the project as soon as possible, with the aim to complete the work by the latest Friday 24 March 2017.


Key Contact


David Matthews

Business Development and Supplier Manager


Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.