Here at Birdsong we’re all about breaking barriers and trailblazing, which is why we were so excited to have an opportunity to shoot with the Harlequins Ladies Rugby team. Their tireless work to be the best at their game whilst living their day to day lives is inspiring.

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Unlike their male counterparts, the women’s team work full time alongside playing. On top of their intense training and playing schedule the squad excel in their day-to-day jobs as firefighters, soldiers, teachers, police officers and business leaders. But with more sponsorship, support and people turning out in record numbers for their games, that could be set to change.

They’re doing a huge amount to change people’s attitudes to women’s rugby. When they put their kits on and get on that pitch, they are dressing in protest at a male dominated sport, just as our customers are protesting fast fashion when they pick our clothes. As we both work to shake up our respective industries, it felt like a natural partnership.

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Featuring players Davinia Catlin, Ellie Green and Holly Myers. Photography by Imogen Forte. Creative Direction by Lottie Laversuch and the Birdsong team. Both Harlequins and Birdsong use Dot London domain names, who kindly sponsored this shoot.

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The Game Changer, Harlequins Ladies v Gloucester-Hartpury, will be played at The Stoop on Saturday 30th March 2019. Kick-off at 14:00. Visit for more information and tickets.

Sophie Slater

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