Dress In Protest

Dress In Protest

Introducing our Fashion Revolution Week Campaign Dress in Protest tees. Made by Neutral. Using fair trade, organic GOTS certified cotton, using renewable energy, for decent wages in India.

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While brands pump out slogan t-shirts with “empowering” slogans made for terrible wages, we intend for ours to make statements that last longer than the time it takes to read them.

Shockingly, according to a recent parliamentary report*, many garment workers in the UK are still paid £3.50 ph in 2019. Ours are embroidered for a London Living Wage by Mona on the Gayton Council Estate, Tower Hamlets.

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This Spring, we’re asking people we admire to Dress In Protest and spread awareness about the shockingly low standards on the high street. Read about the real social change our t-shirts are making in our Impact Report below, proving Living wages to women living in Tower Hamlets – a borough where 1 in 4 people are in poverty.

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We create clothing for women who dress in protest – against the fast nature of the fashion industry, the obsessive pursuit of trends and the systematic abuse of women in the production line. We dream up designs in house, and then work with expert makers who face barriers to employment in the UK – from artists and printmakers to seamstresses and painters – and pay them London living wage to bring our creations to life.

Sophie Slater

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