Why Made-to-Order?

Why Made-to-Order?

We make almost all our clothes to order, producing only what is truly wanted. Here’s why:

Less Waste

Made-to-order is better for the planet, and better for you and us too. It means we can reduce waste and ensure high quality, never creating more than we sell. Traditional methods of production often lead to overproduction. That's why so many brands end up sending unsold stock to landfills or even destroying perfectly good clothes.⁠

Not us. We like to keep things small and slow. We keep our makers topped up with small rolls of our fabrics - from custom prints to organic denims. When you place an order from Birdsong, our makers get straight to work to create your item especially for you. 

Keep it Local

As our makers are so close by, in East London, this whole process is faster than manufacturing in the “standard” way through factories thousands of miles away. Sometimes it can take a few weeks as our makers might already be working on someone else's order, but we provide the lead times in each product page and we’re always here to give you updates on We appreciate your patience in waiting for your order. 

Perfect Fit

Made-to-order means that we can make sure it's perfect for you and offer custom options. Want *that* dress in another fabric or a different length? Just ask.⁠ So much of our clothing is not made to fit us, which can make us feel like there’s something wrong with us. Made-to-order means we can focus on the bodies we’re aiming to dress and make sure our items fit your body better. You’ll be more comfortable in them, wear and love them for longer, and hopefully they’ll make you feel fantastic too. 

Offcuts Are Useful Too!

Every item is handmade in the UK and produced in the highest quality. We also repurpose any fabric waste from the production stage into accessories like scrunchies and hair ties. ⁠So we can make sure our production process is minimising waste at every stage.

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