top COVID-19 tips from a scientist

top COVID-19 tips from a scientist

It's handy having an infectious diseases scientist in the family at this time. Our founder shares the top tips from her sister, who has been patiently responding to all panicked family WhatsApps for the past two months. Lucy is a big Birdsong supporter and is volunteering to run diagnostic testing for COVID-19 in Scotland.

1. Only trust information from reputable sources, and if you read something that sounds like it was written to make you panic, it probably wasn't written by a health professional

2. Take time away from thinking about the pandemic to do what relaxes you

3.Remember that knowing every statistic doesn't mean you can do anything about it, so don't stress out searching for numbers and facts. Concentrate on what you can do - like volunteering or donating

4. Stay clean, but stay kind to your skin and protect your skin barrier with moisturiser after washing. Soap and water are better than hand sanitiser

5. Use this time to reach out and reconnect with friends you've not spoken to for a while. Even if you feel useless, you are doing your part to protect others by staying indoors

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