The Action Report: Q1 2020

The Action Report: Q1 2020

We founded Birdsong in 2014 as believers in taking action - against exploitation in the fashion industry, and the climate devastation it’s wreaked on earth. To flock together in uncertain times, we want to help you take action too . Here’s a run down of what we’ll be up to and thinking about for the next quarter.

Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

1. where to find us 

Say hi to Birdsong here👋

👀 We’ll be showing an exclusive preview of our new sustainable, locally made, pre-order collection at the unmissable Future Fabrics Expo in London on 28th January
⏰ We’re holding a big old sample sale on Saturday 1st February in Central London - bring a friend
📢 We’ll be speaking on a couple of panels for PURE - catch us talking about fashion and feminism
🌷 The Birdsong team will be in Amsterdam for an accelerator programme in February - give us recommendations for things to do

2. how to take action

At times like this, it’s easy to feel powerless, but in our opinion we have to be engaged and involved to be empowered to make change. We’ll be doing what we can to campaign for a Green New Deal, in fashion and across the board. Read more about the Green New Deal here.

Also thanks to Celine Semaan of @slowfactory for bringing this brilliant article to our attention about the beautiful, and necessary partnership between fashion and science to bring about culture change around sustainability.

"It is evident that a symbiotic relationship between fashion and science is evolving, along with a moral imperative for the fashion industry, as a global leader in visual storytelling, to present a version of the planet we want to live on, to counter the current doom and gloom view of climate change.”  

3. where to go

📕 Join writer Lauren Bravo as she talks through her brilliant new book - “How To Break Up With Fast Fashion”. Fancy winning a copy? Sign up to our mailing list to hear more...

“The concept that people think we are doomed—we are not. We are fortunate as a species to be able to see what we are doing. We, as a species, can look at the planet as a whole. We can see how this global system works. We haven’t done that yet because we haven’t gotten awareness of the problem.” - Robin E. Bell, professor, Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

4. what to wear

I don’t know if you heard, but it’s our last ever sale*. Snap up these jumpsuits in their last sizes. Layer with a turtleneck for ultimate trans-seasonal value.
*we’re moving to pre-order to expand our size range and cut down on waste.

Was £140, now £70

5. who’s talking about us 

“Companies involved in sustainability such as clothing brand Birdsong...have made me realise that fast fashion isn’t an essential –  there is a way to feel good about the clothes I wear, whilst also supporting our planet.”

& finally...follow us on Instagram for more education and culture around fashion & sustainability, with a liberal smattering of memes. @birdsonglondon

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