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Sustainability 101: The Slow Shopping Guide
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Sustainability 101: The Slow Shopping Guide

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As you may know from the latest version COVID-19 government report into disproportionate deaths, Bangladeshi folks are twice as likely to die than their white counterparts. That’s why we’re taking it slow, and protecting the communities who make our clothes.

Taking your time means you make better decisions, and means our makers can take theirs too. Shopping slowly helps us reduce waste, as we only make items to order that you definitely want, and that will be cherished for as long as you want them.

We're asking you to take a deep breath, slow down, and keep our pace, as we catch up with your orders and reopen our workshops, thoughtfully, and cautiously. Some things, like beautiful dresses, and building projects for a better fashion industry, are truly worth the wait.⁠

Here's our step by step guide to slow shopping - feel free to share.

“I’ve seen something I like and I want to buy it”

1. Check in with yourself - how are you feeling? Is your self-esteem low?

  • Will this piece of clothing help you feel like the best version of yourself, or is it selling you a vision of being someone else?

2.  Take your time to do some research. Is this a company whose actions I want to fund?

  • Read into the company.
  • Are these values I aspire to?
  • Check out their environmental and social commitments. Are they contributing to a world I want to be part of?
  • Is their team diverse? Do they pay Living Wages?
  • How do they treat their garment workers?
  • DM or email them if you can’t find the answers on their website or Google.

3. Think about how the item will fit in with your other clothes. Can I style or wear this with at least 5 other items I own?

4. Look into the fabric composition.

  • Is it biodegradable?
  • Will it allow my skin to breathe?
  • What sort of fabrics do I like?
  • Do I prefer synthetic, longer lasting fabrics, or natural and organic ones that are better for the earth?

5. Measure yourself and look up the correct sizing.

  • Speak to the customer service team if you want any fit questions - ours are on WhatsApp for a speedy response.
  • Getting the sizing right the first time reduces returns,wasted packaging and air miles.
  • In some cases fast fashion brands destroy returned stock.

6.Finally, order.

  • If you can be patient and be a true slow fashion hero, made-to-order can take some getting used to, but is a great way to buy.
  • Made-to-order means no wasted stock piling up in warehouses waiting to be sold, no unpaid orders to garment workers, no more resources used than necessary.
  • Some things are truly worth the wait.