Sustainability 101: The Gifting List

Sustainability 101: The Gifting List

We know that women want more from their wardrobe but that the world of ethical, sustainable and local fashion can be a minefield. We’ve tried ticking all the boxes for you in our own collections, but we know we don’t offer everything just yet. In a world of greenwashing, Instagram influencers and endless googling, sustainability can be a nightmare to navigate.

That’s why we’re introducing Sustainability 101, as a definitive account of who we really trust as industry insiders. Each month we’ll aim to bring you the brands, and voices, who cut through the noise. 

For the festive season we’ve compiled The Gifting List, for everything you need for a sustainable celebration.

For your parents:

Whether they’re of a boomer generation who haven’t thought so much about their environmental legacy, or where you inherited that beautiful moral conscience of yours from, you can’t go wrong with Aerende homewares. Put succinctly, everything they make is perfect and we can’t think of anyone who thinks more or tries harder to make their products in the fairest, most sustainable way that they can.

Scented Rapeseed Wax Candle, £37.50

For your partner:

Not sure what size they are? Don’t want to try measuring them in their sleep lest they wake up really freaked out? You can’t go wrong with a beautiful, hand knitted scarf. Our scarves are made in sustainable, renewable, and super soft Alpaca wool from Wool & The Gang. They’re also made to order so a) your loved one will feel incredibly special, and b) get cracking and order by the 10th so ensure yours is delivered in time for the last post. 

Not sure which colour to go for? Get a beautifully designed physical gift card from us instead for zero risk good partner points.

Gift cards from £25, and knitwear from £50

For the chic older sister:

Did someone say matching gold pendants? Ours come in responsibly sourced gold and silver and are hand forged by women overcoming adversity. They’re also imprinted with our bird wing logo, reminding you to fly high, stick together and sing your own song. A beautiful keepsake to keep you bonded, no matter the distance.

Live close by to your favourite sibling? Get her your favourite Birdsong blueprint piece that she’d look stunning in, but you might possibly have to borrow for the majority of 2020. Double the win, and double the sustainability.  

Blueprint collections from £75pendants from £65

For the sceptic:

If even Jeremy Clarkson is newly convinced of climate change, there’s hope for all of us. If you’re anticipating having to break bread with a Piers Morgan type at the table this year, get them these outrageously comfortable, stylish runners from Allbirds. 

Watch them sink their feet in, letting out a soothing sigh as they feel the soft wool on their toes, and grunting with approvable as you inform them that they are indeed odor resistant, warm and machine washable. Wait a few weeks until they’re converted and then drop the bomb that they’re super sustainable too. They’ll become an eco warrior on behalf of their toes alone. 

Allbirds runners, from £95

For the crafter:

Do you know an aspiring seamstress or knitter? Or maybe you desperately want to take up a new craft to fill up time over the holidays that would otherwise have to be spent talking with family? Take your mind off the news cycle and get stuck into these craft kits from friends of the Birdsong flock Wool & The Gang and Made My Wardrobe.

Make your own underwear pattern set, £7.50 and knit your own mittens (includes wool) from £21

For the person who doesn’t treat themselves enough:

We stocked Welsh based social enterprise Good Wash in our Soho pop up shop and the smell of their soaps had people floating immediately towards the display, nose first on tippy toes. These beautifully made natural products not only make you smell incredible, but provide amazing training opportunities and decent employment to Welsh locals who need it most.

Good Wash gift box, £32.50

For the dodgy relative:

Nothing says festive family get together like passive aggression. If you can’t quite stomach gifting one of our super political tees to your least favourite, Brexit-party-voting uncle, gift it to someone else at dinner. Get the satisfaction of watching them unwrap it in close proximity, or team up to wear them together and see if they get the memo…

Still Friends Tee £16.75, and Exercise Empathy Tee £38

For the world changer:

Have a baby activist in the family who’s just learning the ropes? Or a more seasoned campaigned who’s worked their butt off this year and could do with some recharging? Sarah Corbett’s Craftivism book is a toolbox for change makers, allowing them the head space for self reflection and empathy that every burnt out babe needs.

Our Dress in Protest Tee is also a brilliant gateway into sustainability. Once they feel that super soft organic cotton, they’ll never want to wear anything synthetic ever again.

Dress in Protest Tee, £26, and Craftivist: The Art of Gentle Protest £12

For you.

All that present shopping means you need a treat for yourself too. A subscription to Aja Barber’s Patreon page is incredibly good value for money. Think of it as a must have investment in becoming better informed on ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry. Like a magazine subscription but in daily, manageable chunks, every article she shares and the accompanying commentary is guaranteed to be hilarious, nuanced and eye opening.

Membership from $5 per month

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