Remarkable Women Report Q4

Remarkable Women Report Q4

Welcome to our quarterly round up of all the remarkable women in the Birdsong family doing their best to make this world brighter and better.

Nyome Nicholas-Williams

“It was my absolute honour to model! I just love Birdsong and it was so lovely to be surrounded by such great energy.”

We had the pleasure of working with model and activist Nyome Nicholas-Williams for our latest campaign. Nyome has long been on our radar, and her online presence shot up this year when a semi nude portrait of her was repeatedly taken down and banned by Instagram.

Not one to be deterred, Nyome teamed up with her photographer friend Alex Cameron and ally campaigner Gina Martin to take Instagram on. And remarkably, they won. After clever lobbying, Nyome herself ended up in talks with Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, and the platform is now changing the way that their algorithms and staff unfairly sexualise Black and fat bodies.

“Millions of pictures of very naked, skinny white women can be found on Instagram every day. But a fat black woman celebrating her body is banned? It was shocking to me. I feel like I’m being silenced.”

Jasmine Coe

Birdsong have teamed up with artist Jasmine Coe to bring you these limited edition silks. Gorgeously vibrant and inspired by the natural world, these large silks can be used as tops, belts, hair ties, pocket squares or face coverings. In stock now, and come beautifully packaged in a gift box.⁠ Online now in our 'Gifts' section.

"My style now is hugely inspired and influenced by my heritage and Aboriginal art. It is a way that I can make sense of things and learn. I also find it of therapeutic value.

By connecting to the natural world and representing it through my art, I find healing. Painting for me is physical emotion, one that I’ve suppressed for many years. Everyone holds pain of some kind and everyone deals with it in different ways. I am choosing to look to the earth for my healing."


Comet Chukura

We've collaborated with one of our favourite friends in fashion to bring you Glow X Birdsong - an exclusive combination of knitwear accessories made ethically with glow-in-the-dark wool.

Founded in 2016, Glow is the brainchild of Comet Chukura, a Londoner, fashion-conscious cyclist and graduate of The London College of Fashion. Developed from her love of cycling, and wanting to feel safe without compromising style, Glow combines Comets passions as a designer, women's advocate and cyclist into one venture.

Our makers

Our seamstresses belong to a community art’s charity in Tower Hamlets. Through their Sewing Support Network, they provide roughly 20 hours per week of English language instruction, industry level sewing classes, and social activities, all to women previously facing long term unemployment, loneliness and other challenges.

“I came to classes at Stitches in Time for 5 years, and have been working in the charity for 10 years now. I am one of the main manufacturers for FabricWorks and I have made many items, for Birdsong, Markus Lupfer, Aerende, and many more. I feel so happy and proud to make things for so many people. The money I have earned means I am able to support my family.”

Shop new collection to support our seamstresses >

You wear it best

"Absolutely love my new "Still European" jumper! Nicely fitted, v soft on the inside and the stitching is beautiful. Going to get a matching one for my dad now!" ★★★★★ - Lola

"Beautiful wrap blouse - really pleased. Definitely worth the wait !" ★★★★★ - Gemma 

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