Remarkable Women: Our collaboration with Barbara Frankie Ryan

Remarkable Women: Our collaboration with Barbara Frankie Ryan

Tell us about yourself 

I’m a Londoner living in Amsterdam for the last seven years, working as an art director. I love to make things from big-scale installations to campaigns for brands, to objects for the home - or in this case designs for tees. I’m a diversity advocate and feminist; in my commercial work I try to weave in these points of view.

Tell us about your t-shirt?

For this t-shirt I wanted to embrace the technique of digital printing and the high resolution of Birdsong’s direct to garment printer (a stonking 1200 dpi!). From the start I knew that I wanted to create a photographic trompe l’oeil to test the capacities of the printer. 

The t-shirt is inspired by my love of bright, garish gem stickers! I have a shoe box full of my collection from all over the world. Wherever I travel to, I always end up in a post office or children’s shop hunting down new stickers. My design is a chance to wear my collection proudly! It also incorporates floral motifs which have been a theme in my work for the last few years. 

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What are you working on currently?

At the moment I’m at the concept stage of a new project. I’m trying to wrap my head around making still life as video. This prototyping phase is always the fun bit, when I don’t know what the final form will be and the possibilities are seemingly endless. 

What brings you joy?

A stack of buttered toast and dancing till my legs ache - not together though! 

"I have always been a magpie, a sucker for all things shiny and colourful. I don’t care for precious stones, but treat my cherished shoebox full of cheap, stick-on gemstones as though they are a rare collection. For too long I have been ashamed of my embellishment obsession and these jewel sketches on the tee let me wear my collection with pride.

Thank you Birdsong! For my tee I will create a series of illustrations made from stickers. These bejewelled drawings will be photographed against white and then composed on the tee."

Is this the first time you’ll see your work on tee? Where will you wear it?

No, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen my work on a tee - I love seeing my mates wear something that has come from my mind and how they style it. 

I will wear the t-shirt on the gloomiest greyest days, we have a lot of those in Amsterdam! As I think the colours will bring a smile to people's' faces and be a nice conversation starter. I’m a big fan of a head to toe white look, so am looking forward to pairing the long sleeved tee with my white flared jeans and the hoodie with my white cargo pants 🤍

How can people support you as an artist?

By giving me a follow on Instagram, that’s the easiest way. I’m hoping to have my first IRL exhibition next year at some point, so will share details there for those who want to support in person. 

Where can we find you online?


Shop our collaboration here.


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