Remarkable Women: Lucy Parsons

Remarkable Women: Lucy Parsons

This #InternationalWomensDay we’ll be taking a look back at its historical origins, and women throughout history who’ve fought for the rights of other workers.⁠

Lucy Parsons was born into an enslaved family around ⁠1851, Lucy became a famous orator, writer and community organiser. ⁠

After fleeing Texas to escape discrimination for her interracial marriage, she became known in ⁠Chicago as the ‘Anarchist Queen’. ⁠

One of two founding women of International Worker’s of the World union, she dedicated her life to advocating for better working conditions.⁠

She also ran a dressmaking shop, which she used to hold secret meetings with other Chicago garment workers. Together they led the city’s first May Day parade, to campaign for the eight hour work day.⁠
Lucy spent 55 years of her life fighting for the rights of marginalised workers. The Chicago Police Department deemed her to be “more dangerous than a thousand rioters.” ⁠

Her books and papers were seized after her death, this perhaps why she isn’t as well known today as she should be.]

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