Remarkable Women: Charlotte Buckley, Director of Hackney Migrant Centre

Remarkable Women: Charlotte Buckley, Director of Hackney Migrant Centre

We're delighted to collaborate with Hackney Migrant Centre to help fundraise for their Christmas Appeal. 

Hackney Migrant Centre (HMC) delivers a free, weekly advice and support service for refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants on immigration, housing, welfare and access to health.

They support visitors to our service to resolve their immigration problems and move out of homelessness and destitution in the long-term, as well as assisting them to address immediate issues. Most of our visitors lack secure immigration status and are destitute as a result of their immigration status and the Hostile Environment.

HMC's mission is to demonstrate solidarity with migrants in Hackney and beyond, including the most vulnerable and marginalised, by welcoming them as our visitors and helping them to access rights and overcome injustice in the immigration system.

We sat down with Charlotte, Director of HMC to find out more about her and teams incredible work for migrants all across London. 

Tell us about yourself

I am a human rights lawyer living in London, with my partner and his lovely daughter. I enjoy a good conversation with just about anyone. This no doubt encouraged me to develop a career focused on engaging with people from all backgrounds, and finding ways to amplify their stories and overcome injustice. I believe that individuals can be empowered to claim their rights and entitlements and further, that personal stories have the power to bring about legal, political and social change.

Tell us about your t-shirt?

Hackney Migrant Centre has collaborated with Birdsong to create a t-shirt which recognises and celebrates the power and joy in standing in solidarity with migrants in our community. 50% of profits from the sale of the t-shirts through our partnership will be donated to Hackney Migrant Centre and help to fund our weekly advice service.

What are you working on currently?

I have been working as Director of Hackney Migrant Centre for 6 months. I have been busy, collaborating with the staff team, volunteers and visitors to work out how the organisation can help overcome the challenges created by the political climate, impact of the cost-of-living crisis and the Nationality and Borders Bill. I am enjoying the feeling of achieving results through creating financial stability for the organisation, finding new ways to encourage visitors’ involvement in the organisations’ strategic planning and increasing the number of migrants that we are able to support.

What brings you joy?

I have a stressful job and find ways to enjoy the small and big achievements in the day to day. That may be having the chance to enjoy a meal and relax at home with family in the evening, or celebrating a ‘win’ with the team when someone secures immigration status or safe accommodation.

How can people support your charity?

You can head to the Hackney Migrant Centre website and donate to our Christmas appeal:

You can watch out for news updates on our website and support the campaigns and influencing work. We often attend protests and rallies and welcome support at these events.

How can we best support the refugee crisis?

Be aware of isolated migrants in your community and help them to link with individuals and organisations that can provide support.

Be aware that migrants are often some of the most marginalised members of society and “refugees” and vulnerable migrants are not always visible. We all have a responsibility to create safe communities for refugees and migrants.

Where can we find you online? 

Shop the collab here.

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