Raise Wages Campaign

Raise Wages Campaign

Here at Birdsong, we believe that making good clothes is reliant on good people, good working conditions, and good pay. We know that our garments cost a little more than the high street, and that’s because we make sure that we pay our workers a London Living Wage.

By buying from us, you’re supporting a blueprint for a better world. One where every worker is treated with dignity and respect. 

There’s currently a £1.96 per hour difference between the ‘National Living Wage’ and The Living Wage Foundation’s recommended London Living Wage. That can really add up - it’s an extra £70 a week, or £280 a month for a full time worker.

With key workers, shop assistants, teachers, hospital staff and care workers having risked their lives on the frontline during the pandemic, we want to encourage every employer to pay fair wages.

During the pandemic, ​​studies have shown that nurses employed for 10 hours worked 40 hour weeks. We stand with healthcare workers in asking for a 12% increase as opposed to the 3% promised.

If companies don’t start paying a fair wage, we are going to lose the trust and will of some of the most vital people in our society. At Birdsong, we pay all our workers a living wage, to ensure that everyone has the financial support that they deserve.

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