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Pollution? No Thank You!

For our latest campaign, we wanted to raise awareness of the deadly air pollution in our capital city.

London suffers from traffic related pollution in a similar way to most UK cities, but the sheer size of the city, along with a dense road network and high buildings, means that central London tends to be one of the most polluted places in the UK.

We spoke to 9 individuals based in East London, about their fears, all with similar and stark results. We are all worried about the future, and while we need to start seeing more large-scale change, we can all play our part and start to make a difference.

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Air pollution increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and asthma attacks, as well as being associated with dementia.

  • Almost 9,500 Londoners die early each year as a result of air pollution.
  • Some of London’s worst pollution hotspots are around schools, usually on busy and congested roads.
  • Forty per cent of air pollution comes from diesel vehicles.
  • One in six early deaths could be prevented if everyone walked or cycled 20 minutes each day.

Fresh, clean air is a human right, and we say; Pollution? No Thank You!


What can we do?

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