Our 2021 Transparent Friday Manifesto

Our 2021 Transparent Friday Manifesto

We hate Black Friday. We feel like it devalues the hard work and thought that goes into each and every garment put on planet earth.  In the run up to #BlackFriday and #CyberWeekend, we do things a little differently. 

This year we’re relaunching our award winning #TransparentFriday Manifesto. ⁠We’re still offering a 15% and 25% discount for you to choose, which will be here at the bottom of the page.

⁠A lot of brands now claim to be transparent, but what does that mean? In the midst of greenwashing and wokewashing, does offering huge deals on the 100 billion garment manufactured in poverty really mean transparency? Instead of giving away huge discounts on Black Friday weekend, we give away secrets.

Our Manifesto

  1. We're a Living Wage employer, and believe that all garment workers deserve a fair, living wage, not the poverty wages that 93% of brands currently pay.⁠ Whereas most brands spend 1% of the cost price of a garment on garment worker wages, we spend 30%.

  2. We have a mission lock, which means that since we founded in 2014, our company's mission is legally protected and permanently retained for social and environmental benefit. People and planet over profit.⁠
  3. We want to share the love, sweat, and money that goes into designing, selling and creating truly ethical garments. We want to be as real as possible with you about where we are, and where you could help us to be.

    Fashion is notoriously opaque. We might have enough instagram followers to populate a small town, but how does that convert into sales? See our impact report for how much revenue we make, what our team are paid and more

  4. We don’t waste fabric, or ideas. Since 2014 we’ve been building a blueprint for a better fashion industry for women, workers and the world we live in. We do this through employing people facing barriers to work, paying decent wages, using the most thoughtful eco fabrics, manufacturing up to a UK 30, and making our garments to order, in two seasons a year, so that we never waste stock. We believe that more companies should follow suit.

  5. Small is beautiful. We never want to be a massive conglomerate or make more than we need to. For fashion to be sustainable we need to talk about degrowth, and stopping the endless pursuit of profit at the cost of people and the planet's health. We measure our impact in living wages created, not shareholders profits, and create and send out around 3,000 items of stock per year.

This weekend, we’re asking you to make our maker’s days. Every sale makes a positive impact to local communities here in East London. As a social enterprise, everything we make goes back into supporting the charities we manufacture with and support.

Choose to pay full price, take 15% off with ‘DEGROWTH’ or take 25% off anything with ‘LIVINGWAGES’.

*Degrowth is an idea that critiques the global capitalist system which pursues growth at all costs, causing human exploitation and environmental destruction.


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