Meet The Makers: Stitches in Time

Meet The Makers: Stitches in Time

Putting person to an item of your clothing can be so important; it gives your clothes character, and lets you know that it was a labour of love.

We design clothes for remarkable women, but we’re also made by them. We work with expert women makers who face barriers to employment – from artists and printmakers to seamstresses and painters – and pay them London living wage to bring our designs to life. 

That transparency is so important to the work we do, here at Birdsong, so we started this series on our blog: Meet Our Makers.

The expert makers we work with at Fabricworks have been trained in their craft for years, and are part of grassroots arts charity Stitches in Time, based in Tower Hamlets. They provide a London based, ethical textile manufacturing unit alongside support, training and employment for long-term unemployed women in the area.

They've been completing all our sewn goods for the past five years. We caught up with them as a group during Ramadan.

What's your first memory of an item of clothing? Is it the first piece you made or bought?
The first clothes I made for myself was to learn, when I was maybe 14. I made Salwar Kameez in Ilford. I was so happy, because I wanted to learn how to make things, and doing that made me so happy. 

What’s the most special piece of clothing you own?
Probably a salwar kameez. Normally we wear that in Bangladesh, and here. It's special because they are traditional.  


Where does your mind go when you're making? What do you think about?
My mind is here, I want to make the thing I'm working on nice. I'm present and focused on what I'm doing.
What would you like the world to be like?
No fighting, peaceful world, no war. Enough work for people to earn a good wage, so that there's no stress and worry about money.    
How do you find the process of making during Ramadan? Is it harder or do you find it easier to make time and focus? 
My work day is shorter, before I would do 10-6 but now I do 10-3, but it's not hard. It's normal, there isn't any difference. I leave earlier because I want to go and make Iftar.

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