Meet the Artist: Natalia Bagniewska

Meet the Artist: Natalia Bagniewska

Tell us about yourself 

I am a designer and artist living in London. A lot of my inspiration comes from my Polish heritage, its folk art is a huge influence on me, as well as artists like Matisse and Jean Cocteau.

Tell us about your tee and sweatshirt design?

I love to marry type, colour and art, I guess this stems from my graphic design routes. I love to pair things back and create meaning from simple shapes and colours and was inspired by the idea of an actual Birdsong for the landscape depicted on the clothes. It was still sultry and warm then (!) so the colours really reflect that balmy, end of summer feeling when everything glows and people are filled with that new school year feeling which is always hopeful and happy.

What are you working on currently?

I work across so many different things at the same time.. currently I am working on a few wedding stationery suites, branding for certain clients, personal work and smaller graphic design jobs like podcast artwork.

What brings you joy?

Tickling my baby boy! Coffee in the morning, really rich colourful oil paintings and trying to paint said types of paintings.

Is this the first time you’ll see your work on tee? Where will you wear it?

I have designed for Everpress and a few other brands, but I feel particularly connected to this one, as the brief was so open. I also love Birdsong and everything they stand for, talk about women making actual change. I will wear it all day everyday everywhere. I can't wait to see it live.

How can people support you as an artist?

Any encouragement goes a long way

Where can we find you online?

Shop our collaboration T-shirt and Sweatshirt now.

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