It’s Birdsong’s Fifth Birthday

It’s Birdsong’s Fifth Birthday

Thank you so much for getting us this far. 

Alongside our external achievements this past twelve months, (being named in the Forbes 30 Under 30, nominations for the Hospital Club’s top 100 creatives, Evening Standard Social Enterprise Awards, NatWest Everywoman, SEUK awards and more...) we’ve written about our story for Vogue, spoken as sustainability experts at Vice, been hailed as revolutionary by The Guardian, had a team baby, ran four pop up shops, launched a rebrand, created around £32k in wages for low income women and their supporting charities, and tried changing the world one Dolly Parton meme at a time. 

We can’t thank you enough for supporting and believing in our mission for a better fashion industry, and a better way of doing business. 

Our pre-order campaign on is a brilliant way to cut down on waste, maximise orders for our makers, extend our size range, and anticipate which styles are most popular. But we need the support of our Flock to make it happen. Our next chapter is crucial to our ongoing success, so as a fifth birthday present, we’re asking you to do a few easy things to help us celebrate.

  1. Share or support our crowdfunding campaign with one click here. To make the next collection work, we ideally need to raise £20,000, and we’re still a way off. Sharing across Facebook or Twitter is the most useful way we can get the word out.

  2. Have 20% off anything online as a thank you with code “HAPPYBIRTHDAY”

  3. Forward this blog on to anyone who might be able to give generously to our campaign. Have a think if there’s anyone in your network who might like what we’re doing, or be able to help, and introduce us for a coffee.

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