AW21: Harvest Moon collection

AW21: Harvest Moon collection

For this collection, we created a joyful patchwork of our archival prints. We wanted to celebrate seven years at the forefront of sustainable fashion by showcasing designer Susanna Wen’s favourite motifs from past seasons.

Hand-made wardrobe classics in supple, soft TENCEL™ Lyocell, paired with silky reclaimed slips and weighty organic denims. A mixture of tones, textures, and psychedelic prints meet modern silhouettes. Rich, warming colours in playful combinations. Easy cuts, and adjustable styles, designed for waxing and waning bodies.

Shot on location in East London under the Harvest Moon, this collection was about taking stock of the fruits of our labour. We’ve been sowing the seeds of social change since 2014, and our latest garments are the culmination of seven years of growing relationships, our makers’ crafts, and our wonderful community. Associated with dreaminess and sensitivity, the Harvest Moon collection is symbolic of knowing another world is possible.



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