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Dear Flock,

Here at Birdsong, we make nearly all our clothes ourselves, but we do buy in plain, organic t-shirts from abroad. It has been recently brought to our attention that unfortunately, heartbreakingly, there’s a chance that the factory our t-shirts are made in is not good enough. Despite using our t-shirt supplier for a couple of years after assurances that they were Fair Wear Foundation approved and the best, we’ve recently noticed their quality has gone down, and as they’ve grown, perhaps they’ve let the way they vet factory conditions slip too.

We’re been alerted that workers haven’t been paid fairly, so we immediately halted all production on all our t-shirts, and have now switched to using certified fair trade brand Neutral. For t-shirts that have already been embroidered locally and fairly by our makers, to avoid waste we will continue to sell these, but with a chunk of revenue donated to organisations supporting garment workers rights in Bangladesh.

We’re really sorry for letting any workers down in our supply chain who didn’t receive enough pay for their hard work, and for our customers who only expect the best from us. As a reminder, all our other cut and sewn items are still made here in the UK by women we know by name, and who are paid a London Living Wage per hour.

We’d love to know your thoughts – which suppliers can we trust? How much would you pay for our t-shirts if we made them ourselves? Which direction should we go in next? It’s been a hard week but we owed to everyone involved. Thank you for your support and we will work as hard as we can to always try to do better. ❤️

Sophie Slater

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