Welcome to Birdsong

We connect women, from worker to wearer.

At Birdsong, we want to revolutionise the way you dress. We work under the promise of no sweatshop and no photoshop

It’s estimated that 60 million women worldwide, aged 18-35 work in the garment industry making less than a minimum wage. These women become hidden in the fashion supply chain, making it near impossible to track where your clothing comes from and who made it.  Unlike traditional retailers, we’re doing things a bit differently by working solely with women’s groups and charities in order to produce our clothing. Many women’s groups produce beautiful clothing but face barriers when it comes to selling.

92% of women’s charities in the UK have faced funding cuts or crisis since 2010,  and we recognised a growing need for these groups to find a sustainable source of income. All women we work with are paid a London living wage and have access to a range of holistic support

Why we do what we do

Women’s services are great. Women’s charities pick up all the pieces when sh*t hits the fan. They also make cool stuff, but often don’t know how to sell it.

Fashion: it’s our own worst enemy, but also best mate. Loads of women workers are exploited for the sake of covering our bums in fabric. Beautiful, inspiring fabric. But still, not cool when you think about it.

We’re our own customers.  We want to use fashion as a way to celebrate our bodies and everybody.

You might have seen us around

“The crux of Birdsong is, that they’re selling lovely things, made in partnership with lovely women’s organisations and charities and you feel lovely as a result.

 You can delve deeper and look at the incredible women’s knitting groups or impoverished migrant women’s circles that create these things.

 Or you can stop and admire aesthetics alone and just count on  the fact that by shopping at Birdsong, something good is coming out of that credit/debit card swipe.”

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